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About AlexData Productions !!

I am a musician that love music!! I produce my own songs, as well as my own sounds, and even with lyrics too!

Once back in 1998 I started writing lyrics and poems, not much later the idea of creating songs was born in my mind !!

I started out by bying a KORG Arranger Synthizizer Keyboard, a microphone and a 2 channel mixer.

Also used software DAW's like Adobe Audition and FruityLoops to record my songs, and put it all together.

For years I played by ears, as I had no interest in musical theory, doing it practically is so much more fun!

So during the time of 1998 to 2019 I had many periods where I created songs.

As work-life can sometimes be time-demanding, I often had longer breaks, sometimes for years in a row.

Then, in 2020, for uncountable many reasons, I decided to go ahead and actually buy FL STUDIO 20

And as a DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) that program has always been interesting to me.

I kept on learning how to use FL Studio, and I moved more and more away from my hard-ware KORG synth.

Then suddenly, I got the idea of buying some software synths to use in FL Studio,

and I found a lot of great software synths out there, also a lot of other great plugins for FL Studio.

I started designing sounds in my software synths, and appled the effect plugins to the new sounds! Awesome!

This caused me to develop rapidly as a musician, as new idea's were born by the minute!

I decided to also invest in a few music-producion-courses, and they also helped me gain more knowledge,

and also new friends, as these courses had forums where users could share info, songs and also chat together.

A new era was born !! And the musician & producer in me was set on fire, so to speak !!

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