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Night Wave

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If Pop Was Trance

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Clipping Away

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The Circle Never Stops

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Timeless Moment

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Tranca De La Trance

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The Stringed Dreams

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Ocean Of Stars

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Child Of EDM

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About The Musician AlexData

Norwegian musician, AlexData has been doing music for a long time. He started out back in 1998 with a curiosity in how the English language rhymes. Writing poems, and what later became lyrics, he soon realized that these texts would work quite well with music.

After some time he went to a music store to purchase his first instrument; A keyboard synthesizer KORG. With no real knowledge of how to play a piano, he still bought the most expensive keyboard they had, simply because it was the only one that really sounded great!

Later he adopted a few software programs for making music. Cool Edit and Fruity Loops. These have later been rebranded as Adobe Audition and FL Studio. He sat down and made like a 100 songs or so, felt happy about it, and then he took a break from it all.

Later on, many years later, in 2020 he again picked up his old hobby - the music. And from then, until now, he has made a lot of songs, in all genre's and styles. Simply because he loves the music, and nearly all kinds of music!

Most songs he make's now are instrumental, and maybe eventually he will remaster some of his older songs, those with the lyrics of his youth. Until then he uses voice synthesis to add vocals to his songs, or maybe occasional his own voice to add vocals to his songs.

Please enjoy this anything but mainstream artist, producer, songwriter, and simply put, musician!

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