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Android APK Filename:APK Editor Pro v1.7.8
No App Info Availible For
-APK Editor Pro v1.7.8-
At This Moment.

Android APK Filename:AlexDataWeekInfo(v115)
Hacked By AlexData
Shows the current week number of the week you are in right now.

Android APK Filename:Blocker_5.35
Blocker 5.35
Blocks Unwanted Calls!

Android APK Filename:DeviceID
App sometimes used with ROOT apps.
Info from Google Play

Android APK Filename:FireFox Plugin - Adblock Edge 219 for Android Firefox.xpi
Adblock Edge - For Firefox
Plugin for Android Firefox Browser - Removes ADS like AdBlock Plus.

Android APK Filename:FloraTaxi v1.0
Made By AlexData
Taxi Flora App - Adresses and Places.

Android APK Filename:Helium Sync 1141
Helium Sync (ROOT)
Backup settings for all your apps. Works best on rooted phones.

Android APK Filename:KingoRoot
Newest version - Dec 2016. Root your Android.

Android APK Filename:Microscope Camerafi
No App Info Availible For
-Microscope Camerafi-
At This Moment.

Android APK Filename:ROOT - KingoRoot25
ROOT Your Phone - Get full system access - Remove bloatware - Strengthen your system!

Android APK Filename:Servicely v123
Servicely (ROOT)
Disable Services That Slows Phone Down. Remove "spying" services.

Android APK Filename:SimCardEditor16
Sim Card Editor
Edit or Remove SIM Card Contacts. Usefull Sometimes.

Android APK Filename:Sparebanken Vest_2.3.0
No App Info Availible For
-Sparebanken Vest_2.3.0-
At This Moment.

Android APK Filename:Spotify v410868
Spotify v4
Stream Music To Your Phone. Same program as for Computers.Good version.

Android APK Filename:Ultimate Backup 312
Ultimate Backup 312
Can FREEZE programs and processes. Also backup of apps.

Android APK Filename:XPrivacy_3.6.19
No App Info Availible For
At This Moment.

Android APK Filename:surespot_70
No App Info Availible For
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